Journaling, a letter from you to you!


Journaling, correctly,  is one of the most important methods of helping yourself. Journaling  contributes to you finding your future is worth while. Journaling assists you finding you. Your journal is the story of your private journey. Journaling can contribute to unlocking your unhappiness. Journalling will assist you in finding the patterns that are not working, and repair them, as well as the patterns that are working, and improve them.

Journaling should be done as often as possible, preferabley every day.  I understand that life can get in the way, but until journaling becomes a habit, allowing life to get in the way of journaling, and allowing yourself to stop, stops your healing.

Begin with the date and the weather. The date is for a personal reference. When we are looking for patterns, the weather is often a culprit.

Next, and most important, write, in as much detail as you can, a significant event or part of a significant, that happened today,  No event is too small, no event is to big!

Think about the people who crossed your path today, the first one that pops into your mind, write down.  Now, write down why that person seems important. If no one pops in, did you have an encounter with a pet, or other creature, write it down! Or write down both.

Did you notice any changes in you today? Did anyone else comment on anything different about you today? Write it down. It does not need to be a big change, the longest journey begins with the smallest idea!

Write down anything you want, whatever thoughts you might have,  this is a letter from you to you. Write the things you want to remember, the things you want to forget, things you want to say, things you do not want to say. If you think it, it is important, so write it.

Write down your plans for tomorrow. If you think that you will be doing the same thing you do every day, write down what you do every day. It is very important that you attempt to plan and follow through with one thing different from today. No matter how small, or how big, one plan, or many, write.