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To this day, Deborah is the best person I have ever spoken to. She truly listened and made me feel noticed. She had me open up and I realized a lot of things I never thought of before.


Deborah has walked me through a tough time and some reallly big trauma, and her style and compassion has me finally believing in myself again. 


Deborah has been outstanding,insightful

and very calming in helping me through ptsd. A learning and growing curve. The outcome is a healing process.


I am so happy we have people like you who make it their life's calling to throw life lines out and save so many of us from drowning.

I practise gratitude every day for people like you...


Deborah's insights, support, and encouragement have made what has, and continues to be, the most traumatic time in my life, endurable. I now know there is a tomorrow and it is my choice where that will be.


I started seeing Deborah about a year and a half ago. At the beginning of my first visit I could barely hold my head up and explained to Deborah that I was not really great at talking about myself.  By the end of the hour I had summed up my life in nutshell. She was so easy to talk to. I continued to see Deborah and slowly became stronger and more sure of myself again. She helped me through past issues that affected my view of myself and through some very tough marital problems.  Deborah is easy to talk to, never judgemental and helped to lead me down the path I knew I wanted to and had to go to find happiness. A year and a half later and a lot of work I am strong, confident and feel like myself again. I cannot thank Deborah enough for helping me regain my sense of self.


I do not know where I would be if I hadn’t started coming to see you. You have made the biggest difference in this ordeal. You have helped me heal.

J & T

I prayed, asking God for guidance, God sent us to you, we are so grateful. My wife does not get sad as often.


I have tried to pull my self together so far, but am trying to figure out how to approach the right professional helper. This Psychology Today link to your service has been the first I found as a possibility.

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